True worship

Hey, get up, do not you have to go?

Listen to the woman’s face early, I’m sweating a little.

“Today is holidays, so where?” With dubious eyes, I looked at her. ”

“You do not forget, yesterday, it was said that the temple is executed today, Shivratri is not today.”

“Oh, even at this age, I’ve probably become a bit forgetful.”

“When it comes to holidays, I forgot that the holidays are for today.”

The woman told me that I was getting ready quickly for the preparation. Here too, the woman was getting ready. We both took the services and went to the temple. When he came very far, the woman stopped abruptly and asked, “Do not forget it!”

I looked at her with incredible eyes and asked, “What did I forget?”

He said, “The milk has been put on the table … where is it, where is your meditation?”

“Tell me what to bring?” I said softly. But I did not have the courage to look at the woman for the answer.

We arrived at the temple. I usually showed a store up front and told the woman, “I’m going to get the milk out of the main store.”

“Take two packages”.

“Two parcels …!” Again, do not say anything, the milk continued.

When we had the milk, we went to the temple.

At Tempelhof there was a long line of worshipers at the temple entrance. People were waiting their turn. We both begin to draw a line and wait for the wishes of God’s vision. When he saw that the snake was growing, there was a trash bin next to which a man was probably looking for something.

I started to look carefully at this page. The man took a box from the trash, which could have been something to eat, and someone would have thrown it away.

There was a slight smile on the lips of this man. I may have been hungry enough. He took the box and sat next to him and opened it.

Tell me what happened I told the woman in the face: “I just arrived.”

My wife probably asked me where I would leave the Yin line, but until then I was out of place.

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I approached the person and said, “Baba, do not eat it, it went wrong.” He looked at me with a glutinous look. Believe me, you can not eat too much! ”

I said, pushing the two packages of milk in their direction: “Take it, drink it.”

He did not feel well, he took the package again when he asked me again. Slowly taking one of your hands as if it had blessed me.

The rays of the sun came from the front, their brightness crying in my eyes. In the meantime, I felt that someone from heaven had raised their hand to ask for blessings.

I came slowly to the line. My wife looked at me from a distance. His eyes were too wet.

After worshiping the woman, she only said, “The true cult is yours today!”

Dr. Gyan Prakash
Assistant Professor (digital)
Moti Lal Nehru School of Medicine
Allahabad, India

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